Life is simple and sailing like a Snail

My Dad used to have a saying (actually he has quite a few coinable ones that my friends and I quote) about things that didn't work right and that he felt he was done tinkering with. "Well, maybe we'll just put that piece of shit in the street." -Dad

We never put anything out in the street, unless it was trashed and laid out for the trash men to pick it up I suppose...hell maybe that's what it meant. I thought it was stupid most of the time and really just a saying that lead no where and sounded kind of redneck. Now, Dad, I am ready to put my computer in the street. ha ha : )

I have gotten new parts, done everything possible that I can think of, and now I am just ready to lay this one in the hands of someone else. Wipe my hands clean and focus on something else. Just one of those frustrations I don't need in my life so I am getting it out. Simple as that. (**ooo good Kid Cudi song called "Simple as That" if anyone is in for a little thoughtful hip hop heh Cool song that is kind of calming.)


I am already getting real side tracked so I better keep this short. I haven't been on in a while and felt the need to post a little something. Once again however, I have logged on, caught up with a lot of conversations, and someone out there seemed to share my mode of thought, if even for a little bit. Your words helped define what an out of control frequency-storm-cloud-of-thoughts couldn't.

Life is odd lately, life is weird. I am exploring ideas of dating someone else again and trying to move on a little (like I have the light-switch option to just say,"now it's time to date me." ha ha) No one in particular in mind, ya know besides the cutey passer-by that smiles back. : ) Nope, just randoms that I encounter and sometimes think, "hmmm, what if."

Post finally deemed out of control. Off to another day of slight productivity.

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uniquely-learning said over 3 years ago ...

LOL Are all Dads guilty of having sayings? Mine has a few I've written down. Some were hand me downs from his Dad. Never heard the put it out in the street one though.

As for the dating thought. I'll take a pass. My own social life is a tangle at very best.

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