I Told You That, So I Can Tell You This ...

It's no secret that I live in the Midwest. Deer hunting is a BIG DEAL here for men and many women. It's something whole families seem to enjoy together. Not me, but that's ok. People do eat the meat and the deer need to be thinned out so I don't hit one with my car. They can really be hazardous.

I told you that, so I can tell you this ...

My hair stylist contacted me today with an idea. She wants me to make some orange hats for hunters. She'll place one in the store and take orders for me. She wants one for herself and said, "I know yours will be warmer than anything I can get at WalMart." She wants a special design which I think I can do pretty easily of my loom. So, I'll be making some cash from that I'm sure. I'll give her a cut because she's being so good to me. If I am lucky, I will also end up with my jewelry in her shop.

I believe she is one of those people that God places in our lives to give us a hand up and to let us know when we have stumbled on to the right path. I'm so thankful to have her as a friend. I feel blessed.

Naturally, I had to do some yarn shopping online tonight. I've got some funky blaze orange yarn on the way. I've found a great place where I can buy in bulk for the items I need. I also got a few things for earrings and bracelets.

Move over Martha Stewart, I'm heading straight for ya!


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soaringraven said over 3 years ago ...

Sounds like you are on your way. Just don't do any insider trading and you will be ok!


hegemone said over 3 years ago ...

Now that is a cool idea, hunting is definitely a dominant past time in our area and it'd be a good market to hit. I know that's one of the biggest reasons my husband struggles to get out of bed early during hunting season...who REALLY wants to go sit outside and freeze for something they might not even see, let alone be able to shoot, lol.

quietone said over 3 years ago ...

sounds good to me!! yay, good for you. my looms just sit in my craft room alongside the yarn. LOL

rollingc said over 3 years ago ...

Hey C-Dub....you may be on to something here you know? God Bless and hope everything works out for you. (and I'm sure it will)


uniquely-learning said over 3 years ago ...

That is a very good idea! You can make a little bit of cash and hunters will get to avoid getting shot up! Everyone wins. Good luck, though I don't think you'll need it.

msstar39 said over 3 years ago ...

CW that is excellent news, continue to manifest abundance.

mimi54 said over 3 years ago ...

What a good idea! I really must get one of those loom thingies...

queenparanoia said over 3 years ago ...

this sounds a good idea cw! keep it up!!! :-)

creativewoman said over 3 years ago ...

soaring, LOL I don't plan to follow her to the jail cell, just to empire status. :-)

hege, I am not a hunter myself, but it's a market I can tap into. :-) I have no desire to go sit out in the cold either. Lots and lots of people love it though. My husband is not a hunter but he insists on still going out to do chores early in the morning and I make him wear orange. I hear gunshots all around me during deer season. If I can, I make plans to be away opening weekend.

quietone, The looms are simple, but they've certainly become my thing. I've got all sorts of gadgets now that help me to create more things than just hats. You should see my collection of looms and yarn!

Rc, Thank you. I feel like I'm moving on up!

uni, Thank you. I'm on an upswing. Online I'm selling more and being featured in treasuries. Locally there is a buzz starting about my glass gem jewelry. I feel my butterfly wings drying in the wind. :-)

Mimi, Thanks. Here's a site full of loom things. I happen to know the gal that runs it. ;-) http://astore.amazon.com/sherrycreates-20/

msstar, Thank you. I am more abundant every day. >p> queen, Thank you, I will!


creativewoman said over 3 years ago ...

I tried to add paragraph breaks, but I see it didn't work. Sorry, I'm learning this formatting thing as I go. CW

skald said over 3 years ago ...

Creative I am so happy for you.

toxicmoon said over 3 years ago ...

OOOOO! I can't wait to see them :) My hubby goes deer hunting and he wants me to go with, usually I wear something bright pink because I don't care to be shot by other hunters and I don't really want to see bambi shot (even though bambi does taste mighty good I don't wanna watch it) He might be happier if I actually wore camo and mabe a cute orange hat ;)

creativewoman said over 3 years ago ...

skald, thank you!

toxicmoon, I'll be sure to post pics when I get one done. That is if I can figure out how to do it here.


wombat said over 3 years ago ...

Ideas are everywhere and you seem to be getting more and more good ones! The great thing is that you follow up on them, while I sit and dream. The hats sound like a winner to me!

(I am behind on emails, but I see you have sent me some. I apologize for the neglect, but if you knew my work schedule....)

Continued good luck on your banging career!

creativewoman said over 3 years ago ...

wombie, Hello! Thanks for the encouragement. Just take your time. It's all good. ~ CW

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