I'm so tired of being alone.
FUCK. This needs to change. Immediately.
last by callingyou about 2 years ago
Not entirely about Alex.
Alex. Alex. Alex. Thankfully there's only 2 more weeks of him being around here. I'm not used to going out of my way to talk to people or hang out with people, so to me it feels like I'm performing this huge gesture. When in reality,
last by hegemone about 2 years ago
Should I be worried
I have some married friends and some single ones. Most of my single friends are worried about their relationship status. Some worry if they are going to be single for the rest of their lives. On the way home from church, my best friend's aunt was tellin
last by msbradford83 about 2 years ago
Birthday Bliss
Today’s my birthday. I don’t feel older. Well, I feel old, but not older. This morning my birthday started early with Valentine leaving my birthday present by my purse so that when I left the house very early that I would see it. It was the c
last by uniquely-learning about 2 years ago
Thirty years too late
Thirty years ago, I was 18and in love with a classmate who was crazy about me and life seemed beautiful. Then it all went awry. My family discovered that my Dad was a closet paedophile (is there any other kind!). In her disturbed
last by sadsack about 2 years ago
Oh Piece of Candy!
Bright, yellow and new like the sun. Glowing, they draw near you. Like a pack of orange-tinted critters, howling at the golden disk, primal and innate, to hunt you down. A thousand of them
last by callingyou over 2 years ago
Life Jacket
I like him! My love life has been so boring lately. Actually it has been nonexistant for close to five months. I haven't been interested in anyone at all (a strange turn from my "I love everyone" stage). Last semester I met this guy Al
last by callingyou over 2 years ago
I've been phased out, im officially stamping it as that. It just can't be anything else. I simply am not important to her anymore. I have called, i've invited her to events, ive texted her and messaged her on facebook...I get the cold shoulder. The
last by callingyou over 2 years ago
Hook in the Heart
I've been dragging my feet with Valentine. It's not because he isn't the most wonderful man I've ever met, it's more like I really want to make sure he's "the one" before I dive in 100%. He's too good a guy to break his heart because I wasn't sure and
last by uniquely-learning over 2 years ago
Breaking Cycles...
I have talked on this blog and soulcast about my family. I always discussed the problems with my mother. My relationships with my mother has always been rocky throughout my life. My mother has been addicted to drugs off and on for all my life. About 2 y
last by msbradford83 over 2 years ago
The Web of Relationships
Valentine continues to be a new and interesting experience. There are lots of days when it just gets a little too real for me though. We've only been seeing each other for about 6 weeks and things seem to be moving really fast. Then I remind myself t
last by wombat over 2 years ago
The best birth control in the world is for men
a must read
last by withoutshade over 2 years ago
Pre-Missing Sweetie
Sweetie came for a visit this weekend. As usual she made a dent in my wallet, but I really don't care. I have enough for an occaisional dent and ding. All of this and the fun we had left me in a strange place this morning. I pre-miss her. I
last by wombat over 2 years ago
I wonder if I am built to be a wife and mother. I have friends that are married and they happy. They complain about the sitautions of marriage like sharing chores and bills, which if you are single have those compliment, but there is another that with y
Learning to love
Lately, I have been reading alot of books. Most of the books I usually read are fiction, but for the past 6 or 7 months, I have been alot of self-help books in regards to relationships, health, and beauty. With everything that has been going on in my li
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