Last night my little brother called me. Normally that isn't a big deal with "normal" folks. We all know I'm not normal. I haven't spoken to my brother in years. He even blocked me on FB. It wasn't my idea, but after making a couple of efforts to pr
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last by uniquely-learning over 2 years ago
too much to think about
Valentine got the first of many sets of papers from his ex. I guess I should explain that when I met him he told me he was divorced. That wasn't entirely true. When he did fess us to being in the process of being divorced I was crushed, but my heart
last by wombat over 2 years ago
Been a long, long time.
Well it has been a very long time since I have been on Yakkstr, and I really wish that I could make the time for it, however, with what my post will entail is why I have not been here whether anybody reads it/replies or not ha ha here we go...
last by simplyconfused over 2 years ago
Give Up
I am giving up on this online dating thing. I went on eharmony to do a profile and they felt that couldn't find no one for me. I went on match.com, christianmingle.com, pof.com, urbanchat.com, and nothing. A bunch of guys that don't like. In the
In past posts, I talked about this online dating thing and trying meet someone. I have been on plentyoffish.com and I talked to one guy over the phone. But that's it. Another gave me his phone number about a week or two ago. I called and about couple of
last by msbradford83 over 2 years ago
Marriage is way over rated.
The same thing qualities I found tolerable, even a little cute in my husband, now drive me up the fricking wall! I tell him, I tell him I hate it when he...(insert annoying thing)...and to please stop it. He nods, then does it again. I am trying ve
last by scipio over 2 years ago
Now and Later
Been busy ........ sort of. Life remains constant but unsettled. I'm still seeing Valentine, and lately spending days at a time at his place. I have "claimed" a dresser drawer though most of my clothes come and go in a suitcase when I drop by
last by uniquely-learning over 2 years ago
Online Dating
Since it has been a little over a year since my last relationship and a little while since I have been on a date. In my past blog, I talked about the last guy that I was getting to know and how it went really terrible. I took a break and then decide to
last by msbradford83 over 2 years ago
i won't give up
fear... uncertainty... laziness... it's all what i feel right now. perhaps its because im on part of my life wher
last by wombat over 2 years ago
Alex <3
We've spoken every day this week aka 8 days in a row! I had stopped trying to speak with him, because it was extremely one-ended and I would try to talk and he wouldn't respond. I have learned now that was because of other reasons. After we hadn't ta
Can a friendship be mended?
In recent post, I talked about working as a part-time tutor. I work for my best friend's sister. Working for her has been crazy because if I had problems, I could never contact and never pay on time for my services. I did what my job required me to do.
last by one_wired_kitty over 2 years ago
Mothers will be Mother. COLUMBUS' MOTHER: "I don't care what you've discovered, you still could have written!" MICHELANGELO'S MOTHER: "Can't you paint on walls like other children? Do you have any idea how hard it is to get that stuff of
The Dating Game
I wrote about relationship status in earlier post and how I was not going to worry about. A couple of days ago and went over my best friend's house. They were discussing me finding a man and going online to do it. I told myself that I didn't want to do
last by msbradford83 over 2 years ago
Last weekend Valentine and I had a couple of the neighbors over for dinner and drinks. It was a nice evening so we ended up out on the patio away from the younger set of ears. After some conversation and a few drinks Valentine says "my ex called you a
last by grapekoolaid over 2 years ago
A Milestone for My Grandson
I remember the first time I saw you thirteen years ago. My sweet grandson. You were tiny. So tiny that I remember thinking your sweet little head, covered with dark curls, was no bigger than an orange. Your legs and arms were thin and your feet were ex
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