What Goes Up, Must Come Down
Well I got interrupted last week and never quite made it back to finish any sort of post or update as to what went on. I'll take the time to do that now. I'm going to try not to let the most recent events shadow the good parts. Initially when the hubb
I suck ...
I'm honestly in tears as I write this post I really do wonder, sometimes, why Husband bothers staying. He makes friends easily with anyone ... mainly women. TBH a lot of the ladies he's friends with @ work are quite attractive, which ma
last by rollingc over 2 years ago
Further Thoughts Interrupted
I have to admit that over the course of the last few days I've had many thoughts about the subjects I've been posting about but when I sit down to type it out I forget things here and there, and then later think of them again and wish I had included it
last by paper over 2 years ago
This Time Feels Different
A point I forgot to mention in reference to my husband and I yesterday, this particular disagreement feels different. Whereas normally I'd push the issue and strive to come to a conclusion ASAP so it doesn't feel like we're still off kilter, this time
last by hegemone over 2 years ago
Lately, I had dreams of someone that I haven't seen in about 4 years ago. We grew up together. Our grandmothers are best friends and our mothers grew up together. Our mother were pregnant around the same time. We have the same name. We see each other i
Heavy Hearted
I'm feeling heavy hearted this morning. I haven't been "right" since sunday, but for some reason this morning is especially hard. At this point I'm willing to accept that I may need some therapy to work through this relationship thing, whatever it tur
last by msbradford83 over 2 years ago
Settling Back
So after fighting all weekend Valentine thought it was a good idea for me to give him some space. I think I've been dumped. I grabbed most of my stuff and left. I'm hurt. I really tried and feel that after all his talk about talking things th
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last by uniquely-learning over 2 years ago
This is kind of a bash on organized religion... Anyway ... Why do we as Christians act as if sex and intimacy are dirty, evil and something to be avoided at all costs unless it's to holler about the evils of gay people or how you're goin
last by sincerelystephanie over 2 years ago
Father's Day was this past Sunday. In the past, I would do something for my uncle because he was a father figure in my life. Or call me other uncles and them that Happy Father's day. Move on with my day. But Sunday, I thought about my father. Throughout
Newly Single Men or Looking for something extra
In the last couple of days, men have tried to get my number or peak my interest. Some I see here and there, some of these men have or had women. Now, all of suddenly you see me and want to know a sista. Always in the summer, you see men trying t
In past posts, I talked about a guy that I was talking to online. I told that I am looking for a lasting relationship and he doesn't want whether he wants a relationship or do him. That's cool. I told this young man that I ain't the woman for him becaus
last by msbradford83 over 2 years ago
A second chance at happines
Its been almost two months since I checked out what's happening on Yakkstr. A lot has been happening in my life since then. If anyone remembers, I'd mentioned that I had managed to contact my first boyfriend with whom I'd been friendly
last by sadsack over 2 years ago
they tend to defuse conflicts by having sex, often with members of the same sex
If you believe we evolved from apes, and we know that our closes ancestors were not monogamous, then it makes you wonder about our own relationships. "Ask any biologist who our closest relative is, and they'll almost certainly say the chimpanzee
last by superbozo over 2 years ago
I am getting lonely
There is a song by Janet Jackson called "I Get So Lonely." This song came out in 1998 and I was about 14. I like the song because of the beat and use to sing that song everytime I heard it. Now, almost 15 years later, I get it. I understand. I h
last by msbradford83 over 2 years ago
Last night my little brother called me. Normally that isn't a big deal with "normal" folks. We all know I'm not normal. I haven't spoken to my brother in years. He even blocked me on FB. It wasn't my idea, but after making a couple of efforts to pr
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last by uniquely-learning over 2 years ago
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