Tears for Fears and the Neurotransmitter Wipeout
Ironic, I created this account and many posts afterward because I was going through a breakup that derailed me (I'll have to look when my last post was after I finish this) and now I'm back because I'm in another relationship. Well, that and there are
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Another one for my records... (A)
Please do not read if you hate really girly gut-wrenchingly boring self-absorbed ramblings lacking any plot. I'm serious. It's sad enough that I'm posting this. Reflecting back on a Saturday. I was working at the normal 3'o'clock gig at the ma
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Roz's Poker Face
One day the timing will be just right, and my heart won't be spent in vain. I held back this time. My cards were hidden. I think that's what you're supposed to do, though. If you want to win at love you have to know when to fold and when to bet your
last by callingyou about 1 month ago
Standing up for myself
So, yeah, dating. First you get all gooey eyed for the person and then they do something to really tick you off. Oh, and AM I TICKED. I know I'm new at relationships still..and who is really an expert, honestly? But this crap tonight was ridic
last by callingyou 3 months ago
Knew before we met That I would meet you soon When you know
In my more recent years of dating I had a phenomenon happen early in two of my failed relationships. Scenario 1/Guy 1: Alex. Cooked dinner for me, I got food poisoning. Like terribly. This isn't why we broke up. But we did break up and I did g
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Turtle trying to put his shell back on stuck outside exposed
You may never understand some things, but that does not make them invalid. Some things just are.
I am so sick of people being so concerned with other people's relationship preference. I've always kept my intimate life very private. I understand there are some people who will freely speak of their canoodling life with 0 hesitation. There
last by wombat 6 months ago
Lose some, win some.
In losing that creepy dude, it somehow brought me closer to this acquaintance I've had for a while now. I confided in EC about it. He thought it was really funny. Soon I forgot about crazy. I always thought he was too hot for me. I always saw
last by callingyou 7 months ago
Something missing
What makes people long for that special person that could improve their life? It pains me to say this but I miss the loving embraces that you can only get from being in a healthy relationship.
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Free the lioness
So by some fluke of a sort, I found my self on a quasi date today. I just realized during the date that the person was attractive and it pulled him out if the friendzone somehow. He climbed out by acting more dominant than he had towards me in the past.
last by callingyou 8 months ago
So I took a peek at my own page and I'm not sure whole lot has changed with my place in life. I'm 27 now : /, maybe a little harder, & more experienced than I was. Its not doing much for me but I suppose I feel more prepared. My son is four now,
last by sean_renaud 10 months ago
Friend's Synonym
Friend, such a simple word, one I use far too commonly. I wanted a different word for ‘friend’ as I do seem to over use it. I thought of companion, buddy, comrade, colleague, and pal; but one word kept coming up more often than any other when I thought
last by wombat 10 months ago
B and Me at Our Best
Wow, this is a post from one of the most memorable relationships of my life. It didn't end well. But as Hege commented almost 4 years ago, it was for the better. I'm posting it more so that I remember the good times I've had. Warning: super girly and
Moving on
There comes a time when you accept that some things are just not meant to be, I have arrived at that stage and I couldn't be happier. It wasn't an easy path to travel to say the least but I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. I am the so
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