Friend's Synonym
Friend, such a simple word, one I use far too commonly. I wanted a different word for ‘friend’ as I do seem to over use it. I thought of companion, buddy, comrade, colleague, and pal; but one word kept coming up more often than any other when I thought
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B and Me at Our Best
Wow, this is a post from one of the most memorable relationships of my life. It didn't end well. But as Hege commented almost 4 years ago, it was for the better. I'm posting it more so that I remember the good times I've had. Warning: super girly and
Moving on
There comes a time when you accept that some things are just not meant to be, I have arrived at that stage and I couldn't be happier. It wasn't an easy path to travel to say the least but I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. I am the so
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Every baby is an angel Every angel is devine God needed another angel So he decided to take mine Although we are not togehter We will never be apart I'll hold you every day and night you are locked within my heart.
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Cindy #2 or 3 or...
My first post in forever and I definitely don't have time to catch up. Sigh, I don't have time. Lately I feel like I think that a lot. Anyway, synopsis in a nutshell :: ha :: I am dating a girl I've known for a year and a half now and
last by torrentdeheart about 1 year ago
Girl Talk
So I was spending the evening hanging out with three friends. We went garden touring and then dined al fresco. It was quite Sex and the City, except we are all married to big babies. The topic for the night was, things would be better if I wasn't mar
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last by feather about 1 year ago
The Day "My Superwoman" Died
Yesterday, I saw the movie "Man of Steel" and I felt this movie gave a more detailed story about Superman and why he is who he is. He, too, had a superhero in his life of being Clark Kent. It tells you that even superheroes had heroes that they looked
last by msbradford83 12 months ago
It's amazing how much has changed in my life since I have last logged on here. How much I have grown, how different of a person I really feel to be. Well not necessarily different but just... mature and grown up. A lot of things have gone downhill at
last by rollingc about 1 year ago
Internet dating pitfalls
I met a lovely man on an internet dating site, didn't rush into anything and took my time in trusting him even though he came across as very decent and sincere. I am a widow and to some that would mean being vulnerable but I was anything but. I am now a
last by sean_renaud over 1 year ago
I don't love you, I'm just passing the time.
He's staring in my eyes. I wish he'd stop calling me beautiful. He doesn't mean it. I wish that when I looked in his eyes I could see the world. I don't. I see nothing. He kisses me. I kiss him bac
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The Grieving Process
Yesterday was my mother's memorial service. She was cremated and it was a small service. The service was beautiful and I was able to speak what was on my heart. I talked about the good and bad. I felt a little in saying and hoping that my mother heard m
last by msbradford83 over 1 year ago
Closing a Door to Open a Window
I'm not sure how to write this without sounding as if I didn't take the last failed relationship hard. I really did like that sailor right up until he pulled that shitty move at the end. I was truly hurt and angry. But life goes on. Be
last by uniquely-learning over 1 year ago
Too Much?
So I had started to see someone at the other end of my state. We met in person just after Thanksgiving when I was doing all that whirlwind traveling for work and pleasure. We continued to talk and decided to take turns visiting on weekends when possib
last by callingyou over 1 year ago
Its been a long time!
Gosh! I hadn't realised that it has been seven whole months since I wrote anything on Yakkstr. Blogging on Yakkstr was my method of attaining catharsis, its a place where I could talk of stuff I could not mention to anyone I know personally. A l
last by sadsack about 1 year ago
Forbidden Love
I met this guy 6 months ago. He's married with four kids. We hit it off and became good friends. One thing led to another and we ended up sleeping together numerous times. His wife found out and we had to break it off. He promised to cut off all contact
last by scipio over 1 year ago
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