Family Law Terms Your Attorney Might Use
At whatever point you end up amidst a collaborative family lawyers question, your most imperative resources are lawyers for family law. The perfect family attorney will have both years o
"Breakup"/Emotional Roller Coaster/She loves me
I just got home from the weirdest “breakup” ever. My girlfriend has been kind of short with me for the past two weeks and I was feeling really weird about that obviously. So today we met halfway about an hour and a half after I
last by callingyou about 1 month ago
Rambling Mess
Since I can't show this side to anyone I know in person…here comes the word vomit: I'm really hurting right now and dealing with things in my relationship that are out of my control. I feel like I'm going to lose her and the thought of it
last by callingyou 2 months ago
Things are getting quite busy in my neck of the woods. But things are good. I would say today has been my lowest point in November, and it's not very low at all. Things with the lady are better than they have ever been. She is funny, bea
last by callingyou 7 months ago
Coming out in a way...
Well, maybe this is what love is. I am sure she and I will be back together. I am sure she loves me. I never doubted it. There's just been other things to work out. So… if I marry a girl…this girl in particular some day, it will be as I
last by callingyou 7 months ago
"You let them toss you around like a piece of trash"
I remember writing a post on the day after my first really rough break up. I remember how raw I felt. It felt like every nerve in my body was being endlessly singed. I felt like I would never love anyone again. I felt like I was broken to the
last by callingyou 8 months ago
I have an emotional hangover.
last by callingyou 8 months ago
The Sadness is Still
There is still a definite lingering sadness in my life and I am not sure what to do about it. I know that it is part S.A.D. but it is getting a little old. I think I have just come to accept that it is how things are now. I haven't gone one wee
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last by callingyou 8 months ago
“Are you saying I'm crazy, cause I am.” “All girls are crazy.” “Yes, there's just different types. Can you tell what mine is?” “Oh! Look at you, little guy. You missed it!” &l
last by callingyou 8 months ago
Columbus DAy
So, where to begin? A's car had to be fixed today so I picked him up. My idea was to go for late breakfast, so that's what we did. Conversation flowed pretty easily though at first I was pretty nervous and didn't talk all that much. When it was
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last by torrentdeheart 9 months ago
Heart not so Deep
When I dream it's not of her anymore, but it's still her spirit. It's kind of hard to explain but it's not her face or her body but the person still sort of has her persona. It's a pretty good metaphor for my outlook right now actually. I miss
last by wombat 9 months ago
Feels right
Another level unlocked with A. Things are great. We are beginning to connect on more levels. I'm a pretty open person, but in relationships I shield myself a lot. I find no reason to shield myself with him. I can be completely candid and he is so unders
last by callingyou 9 months ago
Good Pain
Ok, a little bit of brag time. I finished the half in 2 hours and 24 minutes!! It's not great for a half marathon but it is better than I thought I would do and considering everything that has happened lately between a head injury, a breakup, some dep
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last by callingyou 9 months ago
Trying to Still Push
This will be the first post from my phone, but I can feel my heart feeling edgy and sharp so it's time to get a little of this out. I am in the hotel, in the town, near the staring line of the race tomorrow and I'm feeling a little down. But with
last by torrentdeheart 9 months ago
Truth, Sacred, and Healthy Relationships
True colors always emerge. It's simply too difficult to mask what lies beneath. If what lies beneath is ugly, it can always be worked upon. I strongly believe that. Getting to know A is like peeling back the layers. It's simple. What you see
last by callingyou 9 months ago
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