Bad News = Small Closure
Boy it has sure been a weird few days but there has been some unexpected, somewhat unnerving, closure - so that is nice I suppose. She dropped out of the race. It was one of my worst fears after I made her so “uncomfortable” and it happened.
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Time for an update! A is still at school. Despite being super busy and far away, we have been staying in touch pretty well. In my last relationship it was way more clingy on both ends. Even though A and I don't have constant communication and b
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Trying to Face the Rain
Today needs to start a little differently. I was just staring out the window watching it rain and waiting for the coffee to finish brewing, all the while thinking, “alright, let's push through this bitch of a gloomy day and get started.” F
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No Treads on a Slick Decline
I want to know what the hell I did. No, I am not doing any more self blaming this time, I am … feeling a bit better? What the hell? Today was absolutely awful and I have no idea why. Nothing more has happened between her and I after thi
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Mad, in a Good Way?
I actually woke up this morning quite angry with her. (Am I only on the second letter of the DABDA?? Dammit!! ha) This weekend's text that came 2 days after the actual incident made me think of how that happened when we were together too, a couple o
Paving the Road to Hell
Time to write again and get some of this crap out of my head. When the two of us talked at my house on Friday night her plan for the evening was to snuggle up with her dogs and watch a romantic comedy. I asked her if she wanted to come back over
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Torn on the Fence
So it's been a week and now I am torn as to what to do. She texted me Tuesday after the long weekend and said she needed to get some stuff back to me. We agreed to meet up tonight and tentatively agreed to a beer on the back porch. We drank that beer
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Investments are fairly easy to understand when you are thinking in finances. Different types of investments were a portion of my studies at business school. Stable investments in the finance world are seen as bonds. They're agreed upon and accr
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The End of Something Beautiful
So it happened today. I didn't want to wait til the end of a long weekend when I knew we both had things to say so I told her to come talk to me at lunch. I decided to let her talk and she said she's been frustrated with me. She went on to detail thi
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The Plan to Be Me
Warning, this is a total mental vomit but needs to come out. I'm starting to finally feel better today but, of course I am questioning it. The time I started feeling better was about midday when my girl texted me. She texted asking if everythin
Relationships and Respect
In talking with a male friend of mine about his current relationship, I discovered something that really irks me. The girl he is dating is pushy and blows him off a lot. She denies they are dating publicly, but tells him that they are (but she d
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Tears for Fears and the Neurotransmitter Wipeout
Ironic, I created this account and many posts afterward because I was going through a breakup that derailed me (I'll have to look when my last post was after I finish this) and now I'm back because I'm in another relationship. Well, that and there are
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Another one for my records... (A)
Please do not read if you hate really girly gut-wrenchingly boring self-absorbed ramblings lacking any plot. I'm serious. It's sad enough that I'm posting this. Reflecting back on a Saturday. I was working at the normal 3'o'clock gig at the ma
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Roz's Poker Face
One day the timing will be just right, and my heart won't be spent in vain. I held back this time. My cards were hidden. I think that's what you're supposed to do, though. If you want to win at love you have to know when to fold and when to bet your
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Standing up for myself
So, yeah, dating. First you get all gooey eyed for the person and then they do something to really tick you off. Oh, and AM I TICKED. I know I'm new at relationships still..and who is really an expert, honestly? But this crap tonight was ridic
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