Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead
I recently watched this documentary about a guy who described himself as: fat, sick, and nearly dead, and decided to go on a 60 day juice fast. For 60 days he consumed nothing but vegetable juice. It is really remarkable how fast and healthy you can l
last by outlander 4 months ago
Sore Toes?
Do you ever get sore toes from what appears to be ingrown toenails? For years I have been plagued with sore toes and have tried everything from trimming my toenails a certain way to not trimming them all. A few months ago I discovered a solution.
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last by wombat 9 months ago
Oil Pulling? Tooth Health?
I discovered this when I was searching for a way to whiten my teeth. I drink coffee and a lot of ice tea so my teeth get kind of crappy looking even though I am religious about how I brush my teeth and floss. FYI I hate flossing and should do it more.
last by outlander 10 months ago
I've Switched
Really Reckoner? There is no Cruelty Free Category? Boo! Anyway, I've used, or at least tried to use cruelty free cosmetics and house hold cleaners for a long time because I hate animal testing and I believe (gasp, try not to keel over se
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last by sean_renaud 11 months ago
Probably my greatest struggle in life right now is dealing with the depression of my best friend. It's an emotional lynching to see her try not to kill herself every day. It makes me feel very badly. I don't know what I'd do. I hate this process and I j
last by callingyou 11 months ago
This will NOT control me
Look, motherfucker …. you will NOT run my life. You may disrupt it like the fuckstick you are but you will NOT run my life. I have what is called TMD - or temporomandibular joint disorder. It's defined as: Temporomandibular disorders (TMD
last by one_wired_kitty about 1 year ago
Vegetarians Less Healthy Than Meat Eaters
ATLANTA (CBS ATLANTA) – Vegetarians may have a lower BMI and drink alcohol sparingly, but vegetarian diets are tied to generally poorer health, poorer quality of life and a higher need for health care than their meat-eating counterparts.
last by wombat about 1 year ago
Pot makes you crazy
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - In a study of adults who experienced psychosis for the first time, having smoked marijuana daily was linked to an earlier age of onset of the disorder, according to UK researchers. Among more than 400 people in South L
last by wombat over 1 year ago
China, reminding us that environmental regulation is good
“An alarming glimpse of official findings came on Monday, when a vice minister of land and resources, Wang Shiyuan, said at a news conference in Beijing that eight million acres of China’s farmland, equal to the size of Maryland, had become so p
last by sean_renaud over 1 year ago
I'm Scared
I'm at work so I have to keep this short and sweet. I'm scared and sick to my stomach about it. My mom is having surgery tomorrow and in light of her other health issues it's really high risk, gall bladder removal, but it's more necessary than
last by wombat over 1 year ago
Dyingman 138: Sore Fingers
Still kicking, Dyingfans! I have sore fingers, folks. A year ago I would get these sore fingers and it didn’t take long to figure out why. Stupidly, I didn’t share it because I figured it out so quickly it seemed too obvious a lecture, b
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last by wombat over 2 years ago
Frustrated and hugely disappointed
Thoroughly disgusted. Disappointed. Nasty. Gross. Bloated whale. Whatever description of the day is. It's pretty much how I feel about myself. My weight has - lately - been hovering around 330 lbs (149.6 kg). In all hones
last by wombat over 2 years ago
I love that even at my age I am discovering things about myself. You'd think by this time I would know a great deal about myself, but as a human I evolve and some times the brain is left in the dark. I've taken up the challenge to run a Spartan
last by uniquely-learning over 2 years ago
Nausea Vertigo Vomiting Seeing auras and "sparklies" Hypersensitivity to light, sound and touch The sound of rushing water Welcome to my world when I get a migraine. Ketchup - of all things - is a trigger. The rest seem to be completely random.
last by wombat over 2 years ago
Drink as much coffe as you like
this was an interesting read. Recent research has shown many benefits from coffee.
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last by gingersoul over 2 years ago
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