Tailgaters/Follow Me
Driving down the road today (once again) I found myself being pushed down the road by a “tailgater.” A gray SUV was on my butt while I was driving only a mile or two over the speed limit–but they were driving as if they had to b
Glass of Water/Ferris Wheel
Imagine a giant Ferris Wheel of life, and you were at the bottom on the ground with just one glass of water. (On each seat of the wheel sits a different human being with their own view of humanity, politics, religion and the future.) The w
Really? My Violent Refusal to Agree?
“You are jeopardizing my well-being with your violent refusal to agree.” I discovered this quote while reading an article about campus safe zones, micro-aggressions, and other politically correct nonsense. Personally, I believe the inability
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Glenn Beck goes pro-pot?
This morning on radio, Glenn, Pat, and Stu were discussing a case of a woman who was held outside her house while police awaited a search warrant, all because her son defended the use of marijuana. Glenn has been a long time libertarian leaning conserva
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Why do they do it?
Once again a contract worker who volunteered for foreign assignnment on a contract in a war area has met an untimely death. And the question is, did President Obama do enough in trying to gain their release. Al qaeda is a terrorist organization not a go
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50 Stupid things Republican Belive PtII
This list is utterly ridiculous and mostly supports my claim that if the media is liberal it's because reality is too. 6). Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas Vs. Elana Kagan: This one seems to be entirely a matter of opinion so fine, it's lib
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The history of "settled science"
Today is Earth Day and–as expected–the celebration will focus primarily on the potential catastrophic dangers of global warming. But, fortunately, Jon Gabriel, the editor of the conservative website Ricochet has collected a long list of som
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Pay your fair share.....unless you are a liberal
And he’s just one of the network’s four tax scofflaws- Touré Neblett, co-host of MSNBC’s The Cycle, owes more than $59,000 in taxes, according to public records reviewed by National Review. In September 2013, New York issued a state tax warrant t
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One Out of Two Ain't Bad/Job/GRAVY
At least I got my job back today….will be able to work and do my best to keep getting a paycheck for the next several months…. (Still waiting for the Publisher that hooked onto my book to get back to me….) Man, that wo
Inappropriate behavior
The total disrespect by a murder suspect charged with man slaughter allowed to take a vacation less than 8 days after being charged shows no remorse or respect for the family of the deceased. And proves the point that black lives don't matter. However w
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outlander commented 6 minutes ago on
Top 50 Untruths Republicans Believe
If the media did its job Harry Reid would have been run out of town but now. How the fuck did he get away with that? And I am still waiting for your proof of a Republican getting away with the same read the rest
outlander commented 9 minutes ago on
Day After Day After Day
I think Fox has been so successful because they have heavy hitters like Oreilly, Cavuto, Shep, Bair, and people see them as sensible. Plus the hardcore conservative Hannity clearly identifies himself as a conservative. You rarely hear of any liberal in read the rest
feather commented about 2 hours ago on
Really? My Violent Refusal to Agree?
Yes, I completely agree. The quote was from a calendar with kitten pictures. The designer did it as a joke, but people are taking it seriously. Now you find articles like this. read the rest
sean_renaud commented about 9 hours ago on
Dangerous Hypocrisy
You're joking read the rest
sean_renaud commented about 9 hours ago on
Day After Day After Day
I know. Do you have a hard time with read the rest
d6fer commented about 12 hours ago on
Day After Day After Day
I don't get either one. I'm at the mercy of broadcast TV, so I supplement with talk radio and the internet. I used to watch fox when I had cable. The alphabet channels are terribly read the rest