Political Correctness....destroying hundreds of years of history
Juan Seguín, José Antonio Navarro, Lorenzo de Zavala. Recognize any of those names? If so, you know your Texas history well. If not, you may be a victim of political correctness. That’s because these three men don’t fit into the stan
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Cowardly Leftwingers Can't Admit They Fucked Up
So after the bombshell New York Times article that showed United States soldiers had been wounded in Iraq when they uncovered WMD weapons stashes HIDDEN by Saddam Hussein I am baffled at the cowardly left wingers who refuse to admit they ALL FUCKED UP.
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Transparency and Torture
This is Obama's greatest failing in my eyes. “We don’t have merely passive indifference to the CIA’s record on torture, we have active opposition to the entire inquiry from the very beginning of Obama’s term in office. If you want to
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Random update.
For once in forever I have a Saturday off … poor Husband has to work …. Tonight is pretty much being used to catch up on laundry and some random cleaning. I might make cookies if I can get motivated to clean the baking sheet. ATM it
Pick Your Era/Which of these Three?
Would you rather (if you had a choice) be born 100 years ago— before techonology and the internet? Or would you choose 100 years from now to see where it all takes us? Or are you happy just to be here NOW in the in between? (m
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MY Classic "Blond Moment"/Not a PC Tag, but still...
You won't believe what I pulled tonight! I went out on break from work to move my car closer to my building and was all stressed out. I was looking for my phone to call home, looking for money I thought I had lost, and trying to light a cigarret
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Old but funny
Can we cut the crap with Ebola Hysteria
So I generally do not watch the news, I read it. When my wife is not home (she is not fond of politics) I do watch the best news and political show on television the O'Reilly Factor. But most of the time I read my news from online sources. CUT THE CR
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The Sadness is Still
There is still a definite lingering sadness in my life and I am not sure what to do about it. I know that it is part S.A.D. but it is getting a little old. I think I have just come to accept that it is how things are now. I haven't gone one wee
Sore Toes?
Do you ever get sore toes from what appears to be ingrown toenails? For years I have been plagued with sore toes and have tried everything from trimming my toenails a certain way to not trimming them all. A few months ago I discovered a solution.
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truthserum41 commented 18 minutes ago on
ISIS Used Chemical Weapons
In you guys infinite wisdom you forgot all the shit that George Bush left to be cleaned up, 2 needless wars a failed economy, failed mortgage system, healthcare system our of control financially and you have the nerve to talk about problems left behind, read the rest
truthserum41 commented 29 minutes ago on
Looking for a panacea
Remember the crap you caused in 2008 is responsible for all the problems you listed, stagnant wages, but it was Republicans who voted against minimum wages for employees, If you remember correctly the unemployment rate was 10 percent, how were those read the rest
truthserum41 commented 44 minutes ago on
New York Times Admits WMD In Iraq
We never said that there were never any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq because Ronald Reagan provided them the poison gas to so that they would attack Iran on our behest in the 80's. I think you are guilty of selective read the rest
truthserum41 commented about 1 hour ago on
Cowardly Leftwingers Can't Admit They Fucked Up
So after 11 years the Dept of Defense,the military and congress have conspired to hide the truth from the American public?.. That is what you are accusing all these Americans of. That had to be a right wing conspiracy because it tool you so long to make read the rest
outlander commented about 3 hours ago on
Pediophiles are Normal
No because in places where homosexuality is completely tolerated and has been for years the stats are the same. Even today as gay-friendly as this country is there is still high negative stats far and above any other group. It is isn't just suicide, it read the rest
reckoner commented about 6 hours ago on
Pediophiles are Normal
I guess conservatism is a mental illness. "RIVERSIDE, Calif. – Residents of states with the highest rates of gun ownership and political conservatism are at greater risk of suicide than those in states with less gun ownership and less politically read the rest