Newest Lib Propaganda "botched execution"
So was reading in the USA Today about the “botched execution” of Joseph Rudolph Wood, an unrepentant convicted murderer. The story goes on and on practically drooling over the gruesome scene of an execution gone wrong or “botched&rdqu
The French Are Worthless
I am sick of the French. Thousands took to the streets in Paris to protest, not the cockroaches who started a war and then put their own children in the line of fire, but the Israelis defending themselves. What the hell is this world coming to when te
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America I think we've had it
On yesterday 2 totally different opinions were rendered by 2 different circuit courts on the same problem. Nobody can be that naive and believe that they were discussing the same case and arrived at their decision and made them public less than 2 hours
last by outlander about 6 hours ago
Sometimes silence speaks volumes
On Monday, IRS deputy associate chief council Thomas Kane told the House Oversight Committee that he is unsure whether or not backup tapes of the lost Lois Lerner emails exist. Despite the potential bombshell surrounding the investigation into th
last by beyondtheveil 1 day ago
Providing separatist arms is dangerous
Linzy graham and John McCain has called President Obama everything from being dumb to being to deliberative because he refused to provide arms to the separatist in Syria and Ukraine. The tragic incident in the Ukraine gives a good example of what can ha
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last by outlander 2 days ago
Austrian Economics relies heavily on praxeology in the development of its economic theories.[14] Ludwig von Mises considered economics to be a sub-discipline of praxeology. Austrian School economists continue to use praxeology and deduction, rather than
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last by outlander about 3 hours ago
Is it a tax or not
The Airlines just increased the tax on an airline ticket from $2.50 to 5.60 beginning to day it was approved by the Republican congress to pay for the transportation security department. Grover Norris had required each republican to sign a no tax increa
last by outlander 1 day ago
The minimum wage
“New data show that the 13 states that raised the minimum wage this year are adding jobs at a faster pace than those that did not.” http://time.com/3007429/minimum-wage-job-growth-states/
last by outlander 1 day ago
Solution to America's Problems
I propose we get rid of the Democrat party. That mixed with term limits would solve Americas problems. Look at the issues, Democrats agree with everything we do and every time a bill is passed it's bipartisan, with exceptions. We should get ride of t
last by beyondtheveil 2 days ago
Mind Power and Toning Down Bad Qualities
Do you ever feel like you censor your thoughts? Are you ever catching yourself in habits that have previously hurt you and stopping yourself from taking a chance? I'm reviewing probability in one of the classes I'm currently taking. One of
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callingyou commented 35 minutes ago on
Things are good
Awww, I'm sorry that she can't be with you more. Soon, I read the rest
outlander commented about 3 hours ago on
I had to comment on this boring subject because I can't wrap my brain around why you would post such a thing and not explain what your problem is. While boring the science of human actions can be fascinating. What perplexes me though is have you read the rest
outlander commented about 4 hours ago on
The Bible says the Earth is flat
My morbid curiosity brought me to this old post. OMG there can't be anything funnier than a couple of atheists arguing an obscure passage from a book written thousands of years ago. I think what made me crack up is Aliens response cuz I was thinking read the rest
outlander commented about 6 hours ago on
America I think we've had it
Bullshit, correct your wording, everyone before OC had access to healthcare, they may have not had insurance but they had access to healthcare. And excuse me we needed a 2500 page bill passed in the dead of night right along party line votes after read the rest
truthserum41 commented about 8 hours ago on
America I think we've had it
What do you smoke or drink the affordable care act or Obama Care as you call it allowed 5 million people who had no access to health care to get it. That many people without health care is proof of how bad Obama care was needed. Health care cost was 16 read the rest
outlander commented about 11 hours ago on
Show Restraint!
Reck-lol seriously? Read some history of the Gaza Strip. So the Palestinians and Hamas are just innocent bystanders being subjugated by the evil read the rest