Humans are an Extinction Event
And we're just picking up speed it seems. Of course there is absolutely no way that humans could possibly effect the eco
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Ebola likely to claim an American
Dr. Kent Bradley contracted Ebola while working on this latest outbreak or Ebola. It's a shame when anybody dies to disease but it's espec
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Federal Judge Shoots Down DC gun ban
A federal judge shot down the DC gun ban that said residents could not take their guns outside their homes. Now I assume there will be mayhem in the streets with all these right wing fanatics who cling to there guns and religion shooting everything tha
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Why isn't the Right Upset?
When the court rules in their favor but legislates from the bench? I mean I'm annoyed but mostly because any idiot can see that the Obamacare ruling was 100% politically driven and you knew what the authors meant but it is their job in the modern world
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Wrestling's not fake!
Two criminals broke into the home of former WWE Champ Daniel Bryan. One escaped, one did not. YES! YES! YES!
Teddy Roosevelt nailed it over 100 years ago
“There are plenty of persons who have already made the assertion that they believe the American people have a short memory and that they intend to revive all the foreign associations which more directly interfere with the complete Americanization
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Bob Hope nailed it 60 years ago!
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It's not our foreign policy
The president has been accused of being ineffective, indecisive with a few other descriptive adjective to describe his foreign policy. According to Business week and Time Magazine, the president has gone about as far as possible in putting sanctions on
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Hasbro and 3d Printing
I can't recall, I might have mentioned 3d Printers before once or twice or that they are really high up on my wishlist of cool toys I'm gonna get myself. Well as happens from time to time a company has stepped forward and
Rocks On the Beach/I Am/Joke Poem
Walking along in life Outside the box Scanning the water's edge Picking up tiny rocks The sun sets in fire Comes up in dreams Nothing is promised To be what it seems I walk in faith Dream in
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$1 Lost/Could Have Been Millions
It was a great read which was extremely read the rest
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Federal Judge Shoots Down DC gun ban
d6 - There is variance in results depending on exact wording, how the study was done, and when it was done, but I looked at six and there is little variance in the states. Also, some include DC and some don't. California has more deaths as you said, but read the rest
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Teddy Roosevelt nailed it over 100 years ago
I'm proud of it. I think there is something very wrong with you that you would hurt people just over your idealogical purity. It's what's wrong with this country and your party in particular. You'd rather die than consider you might have been read the rest
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Sometimes silence speaks volumes
Nope, his bio with his publishing company does not say Kenya. We've been over this at dozen times. A promoter said that, and it was pulled before the book was even published because it was a goof. He was born in Hawaii. Period. If it went through read the rest
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Disgraceful, "Palestinian people deserve nothing but cruelty"
Common goddamn sense says you wouldn't give them the same deal because no pressure has ever been put on Israel to even put that on the table. They won't be able to shell Israel if we take their weapons and I garantee you that if America was going to read the rest
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Federal Judge Shoots Down DC gun ban
California having the highest number of murders anywhere in the US makes perfect sense. We have the largest population by a long shot. [Americans 20x more likely to die of read the rest