Well that sucked for Elon
Dragon blew up. After eighteen successful launches the Dragon rocket blew up taking with it about two and a half tons of cargo meant f
Congrats Right Wingers
You got the big win! The EPA lost! Dirty air for everybody and Scalia literally states that you cannot put the lives of Americans ahead of h
One bad apple
Michael Jackson wrote a lyric that one bad apple could spoil the whole bag. Reading the business section of the morning give credence to those lyric. Greek citizens woke up this morning facing the fact that economically they are between a rock and a har
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Extra History: Byzantine Empire II
Part 1 here. Byzantine Empire: Justinian and Theodora - II: The Reforms of Justinian - Extra History M
A Bzzway?
Since there is currently only one I'm not certain what the proper term is for a Bee Highway only that Bee Highway is one of those n
I live in a world that's crumbling Pt.3
There are two parts before this obviously. The stock market has roughly tripled over the last six years and if you go farther back back been on a decent roll since Reagan took office. Historically it's hard to find a ten year period where the st
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I live in a world that's crumbling Pt.2
Now we're often told that things are getting worse and you just need to look around to see it. Where precisely is this “worse”?
I live in a world that's crumbling Pt.1
At least I do if I'm a bigot. If not that's a very hard sell to make for anybody with even a cursory understanding of history. First most of us would agree that violence is wrong.
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Can Space X Get it Right?
As they say the third time is the charm. Since you either don't care or have read my other posts
Wouldn't we rather see a sermon
Bristol Palin has been going around the states as an inspirational speaker urging abstinence when it comes to sex for young girls. Not a bad idea, but she had a company that raised big bucks for her to advocate something that she wasn't doing or had no
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One bad apple
Peer pressure got to them I read the rest
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One bad apple
Yep. You have to petition to join the EU [and meet certain criteria.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_Financial_Audit,_2004) And it seems fairly obvious that Greece cheated to get read the rest
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Do you agree with Farrakhan?
Alienated apparently agrees with Farrakhan though. Who read the rest
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What a hypocrite
We know what homos will teach kids. This is how gay sex works. *And they should* we should have been doing that for years. No your sin doesn't negate other sins, it does mean however that you are supposed to keep your mouth shut about it. Yes read the rest
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SCOTUS rules on gay marriage
Can't people of faith accept the fact that God ordained government and that without government there would chaos. As long as there is a dollar to be made faith will take a back seat. You will be hearing such saying as God knows my heart, but you continue read the rest
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I live in a world that's crumbling Pt.3
I sometimes proofread, sometimes not. Obama's presidency has not been disasterous at all. As good as it should have been? Not by a long shot but when you have a party that would rather America fail than a black man suceed. . .well shit happens. read the rest