I know the solution, more guns
“ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A 3-year-old boy found a handgun in his mother's purse and fired just one shot that wounded both his parents at an Albuquerque motel on Saturday, police said. According to investigators, the toddler apparently re
Extra History: Warring States of Japan VI
Call The Plumber
People magazine reports that Bruce Jenner IS transitioning into a woman. OMG. How exactly do you do that? Is it possible that he is going to have his tally wagger removed ... surgically? Double OMG. I heard that
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Mitt Does Something Right
It looks like Mitt Romney has come to his senses and dropped out of the 2016 race. Not that he had a snowball's chance in hell of winning the election anyway. If he had become the Republican's nominee, the Democrat's candidate would have
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Little Tits On The Prairie
Melissa Gilbert is the 50-year-old actress who, for a decade, played Laura Ingalls Wilder on the iconic TV series, "Little House on the Prairie". In her last couple of years on the TV show, she played an adult version of her character and
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Headless Obama
I read on Yahoo's home page this morning (or was it last night) that radical Muslims have threatened to behead Obama in the White House once they take over America. I could make a lot of jokes here about Obama not needing a hea
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Funny Things Kids Say/You Told Me To
I was lying in bed with my laptop and was bored, so I googled “Funny things kids say.” I got many sites and things to read and watch, but the one I remember most is this: A little boy was in a wedding and walking down the aisle
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Blackmail Is Not the New Black/Ask Me Again
“If you buy dinner this Saturday night, I will buy it the next two weeks.” (This from my sweet hubby last Saturday…) I see this as pure blackmail! He wants something from me NOW, and “maybe” he is tell
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Friday the 13th or how I
feel about reboots PtII Since it's only been 10 hours at this point I'm not going to rehash my general feelings about reboots and rehashes. other than to say in general I don'
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Indiana to open state run news outlet
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is launching his own state government-run “news” outlet – and plans to use it at times to break news ahead of the independent press. . . . “At times, Just IN will break news – publishin
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Picturing the Winners and Losers of Obamacare
Millions of people have insurance that didn't have it before, millions of people that were denied coverage for pre-existing conditions can now live without fear, and the rate of cost increases decreased after obamacare. These are huge read the rest
sean_renaud commented about 15 hours ago on
Mitt Does Something Right
Obama has done no harm to the democrat party. You remember how you thought Obama would get impeached, or step down, or Hillary would primary read the rest
alienated commented about 15 hours ago on
Mitt Does Something Right
You and Obama must have slept through the last election. Neither of you really realize how much damage Obama has done and how much more damage he is going to do to the Democrat party over the rest of his term. Obamacare is about to knock a lot of people read the rest
sean_renaud commented about 16 hours ago on
Mitt Does Something Right
Who do you plan to run though? I mean with a chance of read the rest
d6fer commented about 16 hours ago on
Mitt Does Something Right
I was glad to see it too. Good bye Mitt! Take McCain with read the rest
alienated commented 1 day ago on
Mitt Does Something Right
I am not sure about that. It seems like more often than not, someone comes in from nowhere and wins the race. It is usually someone with little or no track record (like Obama) or a governor only known in his state or maybe his and a couple nearby. Heck, read the rest