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The Woods
Tomorrow I am headed out to my favorite place, the outdoors. It is going to be awesome and so free. I am feeling better tonight and I hope it's not just the three beers I put down while packing, I think it's more than that. I had her dogs' toys sitti
More Incredible Liberal Societal Destruction
I heard two stories that made me think there is no more hope for my America. The repeal of a saggy pants ordinance in Florida and the 9th circuit court siding with teachers who said students couldn't where flag shirts because they might cause a ruckus
preparing for the long haul
The idea put forth by congress is that Americans who assist in training Iraqis for combat duty to defend their country would take 12 months to train 5 thousand. During the 1st gulf war and Vietnam we trained a half million in 2 years and had them read
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State Of The Union
D6fer just posted a link to a laundry list of Leftist corruption and hiprocracy. Yeah, yeah. Liberal / Leftist / Socialist / Democrats are, for the most part, crooks, pervert sympathizers, baby killers, Islam and illegal immi
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Lefts political network exposed
I was wondering when someone would put something like this together What a clusterfuck of corru
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I'm sorry you guys, I can't do it anymore.
I tried putting off this post to avoid possible judgement. However, I need to be honest and quit denying my feelings. As a lot of you know, I've blogged about many of my relationships on this site. Through the good, bad, and the ugly I've
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My White House Visit and Obama
So I was visiting the White House and while in the tourist snack bar eating lunch I felt something hit me right in the back of the head and when I looked down on the floor to see what it was I noticed it was a peanut M&M. Of course I turned around
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If you could talk to anyone in History
If somehow you could talk to anyone in history who would it be? I have had long discussions with friends on this and it is interesting there is almost a top list that most people choose. I call these the “of course” list. Abe Lincoln, Jes
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clearly this thugish criminal did something wrong
You know, other than being black Read story
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Caught in a trap
Saddam usually got over 99% of the vote in a country where in a café if you said out loud "I don't like our president" would get you tortured and murdered. Saddam had a whole host of chemical weapons facilities where he manufactured some of the most read the rest
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preparing for the long haul
"I remember when all the neocons said we could invade Iraq, topple sad dam, install a democratic government and it would all take weeks not months and pay for itself." Ok this is what you said. Your links don't even come close to that so you might as read the rest
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Caught in a trap
You sound like who's your daddy Saddam was duly elected by the citizens of Iraq whether you like it or not. ISIS IS only able to hurt paranoid schizophrenics who think some one is out to kill them. Saddam was a threat because he gave weapons to read the rest
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I'm sorry you guys, I can't do it anymore.
Yeah, I know what you mean about turning it off. I had to let him know I needed to disconnect for a while. Because, as you know, it gets intense. I don't talk to many people about it cause I sound completely crazy. I can't explain it. It's read the rest
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preparing for the long haul
Rove’s claim is simply not true. In fact, days after the U.S. invasion, then-Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz told a congressional panel that Iraqi oil revenues would help pay for reconstructing the country, i.e. a cost of the war. “The oil read the rest
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preparing for the long haul
There will be no World War III starting with Iraq, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld declared Thursday, and rejected concerns that a war would be a quagmire. "The idea that it's going to be a long, long, long battle of some kind I think is belied by read the rest