Day After Day After Day
The mainstream, Leftst news organizations keep throwing stories of bad cops in our faces day after day after day. For some reason they thrive on pushing the Obama "use racism to divide and conquer" agenda. If I recall, Obama was going to b
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Sorry for my freak out/New Day I'm OK
So last night before I posted, I was crying and frustrated. I ended the night crying myself to sleep. I am sorry for posting that on here. Anyway, not that it's an excuse, but there have been some bumps in the road in my current relationship.
oops he's dead
In the past two weeks we've had a cascade of incidents of police brutality and an inherent cases of disrespect for police brutality. The last incident of where a 73 year old man who was obviously a wanna be cop looking for excitement. He could not recog
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Magic Colors -- a creative geometric jigsaw puzzle game
Magic Colors, The game that will STRENGTHEN your thinking! Magic Colors is a creative geometric jigsaw puzzle game that requires you to successfully put together the colorful triangles at their places within the hexagons. An image pattern of the
The cart before the horse
In 2013 when the President drew the red line against Syria and then didn't bomb them the Republicans accused him of leading from behind and making America week before it's enemies and allies. President Obama ask them to sign legislation giving him autho
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Bone and Soul/Jennifer Aniston
Maybe I've watched way too many crime documentaries, but after seeing so many real images of crime photos (skeletons, partial bones, skulls) it makes me wonder a little about all the OUTSIDES of these human remains. I started imagining how my own
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Rambling Mess
Since I can't show this side to anyone I know in person…here comes the word vomit: I'm really hurting right now and dealing with things in my relationship that are out of my control. I feel like I'm going to lose her and the thought of it
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SpaceX attempts another landing
One more time! The first time the rocket. . .well it sorta blew up and the second time they gave up on account of weather. So third times a charm righ
The Real Censorship of Fantasy Violence
“It has been revealed that the gunman read Dean Koontz novels regularly” - No one, ever. I should start with the simple fact that I'm against government sanctioned censorship nearly 100% I understand and accept (to some degre
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Stop Killer Robots
Stop killer robots now! A thirty eight page report titled “Mind the gap wh
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Day After Day After Day
Rich right wingers? With people like Bill Gates, those who run Yahoo, Facebook, and Google, yadda, yadda, yadda, about as rich AND Left as you can get, how can you still believe the Republican party is a bunch of rich people? The media promotes that idea read the rest
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2015, I like you.
(worried about getting both my seasonal job back and my book being accepted by the publisher who is "supposedly" looking at it and "intends" to get back to me "soon." .....) I am in total limbo about both at the moment, and it is killing read the rest
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Bone and Soul/Jennifer Aniston
callingyou: Love and thank you for your comment. You got it! And I hope my soul is coming along just fine, too. My real life (and un--well-structured bone head) is not doing so great just yet.) But it ain't over read the rest
beyondtheveil commented about 15 hours ago on
Day After Day After Day
The left picks its all ins and the right picks theirs. We need to remember not all lefties and not all righties agree with their media all ins. An example could be Ferguson. Democrats across the nation were waiting to see what the investigation brought read the rest
d6fer commented about 17 hours ago on
Day After Day After Day
What I find interesting is how "all in" the left went on the Ferguson debacle, but seemingly drop it when a real instance comes up, and there have been a few since.....it's weird....almost as if they would rather get away with one than see truth and read the rest
truthserum2 commented about 22 hours ago on
The cart before the horse
You are assuming to much in your calculation of the cost per patient, Salaries, maintenace, supplies upkeep of facilities and safety is included in the cost of medicine. The race card is not infantile it's been perculating for a long time and you're in read the rest