At what point do we tell Texas
To fuck right off with it's stupidity and let them suffer? Ted Cruz calls for federal aid amongst flooding in his state. Now don't get m
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Working more and enjoying it less
At the Conservative Political Action Committee, the ex governor of Texas was crowing about the Texas miracle and it's miraculous employment statistics. Texas is a right to work state but what the citizens don't realize is that 40 percent of the employe
Are they all Chameleon?
There has been much bally hu about President Obama not going through with the redline threat he made against Syria when they were using nerve gas on it's people and that is the reason things are going so bad in Iraq. When he tried to get the Congress to
The Harry Potter
The Harry Potter Wasp, one of one hundred thirty nine species discovered in China's Greater Mekong area over the last
Here it iz. Said needful proof
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A New form of slavery legally
Slavery was officially ended in 1863 but Jeb Bush wants to reinstitute it legally for the undocumented. The American revolutions was fought over taxation without representation. This is what Jeb Bush proposes for the undocumented without achievin
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Roboroach and Robobird
Aint that neat? Long story short they made two robots, one that can't fly and one that can't walk. Apparentl
Race in Games
This is great. The bottom line is we don't need to talk about race to get the point across.
Thankful on memorial day
How blessed we are to be living in the land of the free, regardless of all our faults and short comings, we possess the mechanism to change our society if we just exercise our Democratic right and vote our conscious. Me and an elderly lady who lost her
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Saul Alinsky, Obama's Hero
Most people think Obama is a stooge and was elected simply because he could be easily elected (most every black would vote for him) and easily manipulated. But Obama works off a set of rules concocted by his hero -- Saul Alinsky.
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d6fer commented 25 minutes ago on
At what point do we tell Texas
You are creating a strawman with the whole shrink the government argument. We don't want to eliminate government, we want to eliminate wasteful government, and overly oppressive government. Personally, I wan't to get rid of bought and paid for read the rest
d6fer commented 35 minutes ago on
A New form of slavery legally
No, you are settling for the crumbs of your Vote-Masters, they are getting rich with self made legal insider trading, and you keep sending them back for more. Wake the fuck read the rest
sean_renaud commented about 1 hour ago on
A New form of slavery legally
No, it's more insideous than that truth. He knows good and damn well he's being screwed over to favor the rich and *simply thinks that's the proper way of the read the rest
truthserum2 commented about 3 hours ago on
A New form of slavery legally
The Blacks had to much sense to sent back into in slavery, they had enough sense to be aware of what was best for them. Even though both parties has severe warts picking the Democratic party was like choosing the best of the worst. Calling them voters to read the rest
sean_renaud commented about 4 hours ago on
A New form of slavery legally
Except we're not remotely like slaves in anyway shape or form. And we're far better off than we'd be voting for Conservatives/Repubicans and we all know it. If you're not rich, white, Christian, straight and male you should not be voting Republican. read the rest
sean_renaud commented about 4 hours ago on
Venezuela, Socialisms latest great achievement
And California under Moonbeam (which isn't even a fair comparison to begin with to New York) has turned the corner and is steadily improving. I'll rock that shit all day and all read the rest