Jurassic World Trailer #2
Jurassic World Trailer #2 This time around we get a few glimpses of the Indominus Rex which is the critter designed to be the new attraction. It's a beast, basically a big T-Rex with arms
Let's try lasers
There is a fair amount of complicated crap that people either don't know at all about space or simply don't give much thought to because it's highly unlikely to effect them. The majority of us are never going to be astronauts and even with the coming p
Osedox Worms
Used to feed on sea serpents now they feed on whales. Technically mosasaurs and plesiosaurs were not serpents but meh. I can easily imagine
Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice
The teaser trailer was leaked. And quickly following that DC and Warner Bros decided to officially release it. I'll skip the usual spiel that g
"Breakup"/Emotional Roller Coaster/She loves me
I just got home from the weirdest “breakup” ever. My girlfriend has been kind of short with me for the past two weeks and I was feeling really weird about that obviously. So today we met halfway about an hour and a half after I
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Remote Control People?!
It's not very often that I see a new piece of tech and think dear God that's creepy. Well Remote Control People is fucking creepy. The basics of it are you
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Who's Next?
Officially at this point Hillary Clinton is running unopposed as the Democratic Nominee. There are some other peop
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Is it rape?
Usually what is and isn't rape is fairly cut and dry. Sure there are a lot of us who aren't completely clear on how drunk is too drunk to consent and I'd be lying my ass off if I claimed that I had never sat around with my now ex drinking and fucking t
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Boobs vs Blood
Or Sex versus Violence. Gaijin Goombah is an internet “blogger” who spends the majority of his time speaking about the cultural significance of video games. Not in the sense of defe
Dangerous Hypocrisy
A prominent Israeli television and print reporter said that “jaws dropped” in the studio Friday following President Barack Obama’s apparent defense of a Russian decision last week to lift a ban on selling sophisticated anti-aircraft missiles to Ir
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wombat commented 15 minutes ago on
Remote Control People?!
Strange because I was thinking of a post to write, and I was thinking about a documentary I watched about insects, and "how they were so clearly and closely filmed." (by micro-robot cameras) MICRO ROBOT CAMERAS? Just what have they been looking at read the rest
d6fer commented 20 minutes ago on
Who's Next?
Don't have your own list read the rest
wombat commented 23 minutes ago on
Solar Sails
Life immitating art, (art being a writer's imagination) or art "immitating life" (life being "real human" progress) ...being such a small person "in the dark" on such big issues such as this-- on such a small planet--- really sucks. Yet, here we read the rest
wombat commented 43 minutes ago on
Economics and Elections
Well, at least I got you thinking about the "shorter versions" of answers, which was my intention, just because I am MEAN....ha. (None of the questions were meant to be the actual serious ones to be answered here, per se...) I was just messing with read the rest
wombat commented about 1 hour ago on
2015, I like you.
Limbo sucks.....still waiting on both. I need at least just one of those right now! My back up plan? Don't have one, if BOTH fall through.....! (except dying eventually with nothing good ever happening to me) Like I said, "Limbo" read the rest
wombat commented about 1 hour ago on
Bone and Soul/Jennifer Aniston
callingyou: I have not given up yet--even on those days that I think I probably should. I still have hope that things will turn out well. Maybe even BETTER than I expected! Thanks for the love. I need read the rest