It’s Time for Conservatives to Stop Defending Police
“Imagine if I were to tell you there is a large group of government employees, with generous salaries and ridiculously cushy retirement pensions covered by the taxpayer, who enjoy incredible job security and are rarely held accountable even for ac
How can we ever show respect?
White America is suppose to not be prejudice or racist or biased against black people. Presently in America we have now had African Americans (I detest that phrase) in ALL levels of power. Black president, black Supreme Court justice, chairmen of the
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James Foley video
After watching some of the excerpts of the James Foley video I am both saddened and pissed. It is time to hunt down these fucking animals and slaughter every fucking one of them. Is this where we are now in the world when we allow cowards to just sens
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Sean and Reck, lol..Co2 Is Not a Pollutant
We breathe co2 in and out, we drink it in our water and our soda and the more there is the better it is for plants. On top of all the global warming bullshit out there I think this one is the most laughable. But who am I? Why take my word? I a
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Are you my mother?
A rare bit of personal history is worthy of merit here. I had parents that read to me, mostly my mother but both and fell asleep at night to books on tape. Not like the ones you fall asleep to now but little tiny Dr. Suesz books or cliff notes version
Unions Turn on Obama
Over EPA changes to coal power plants. Now the coal industry should die, how quickly and how we acco
last by sean_renaud about 12 hours ago
Obama speaks of demilitarizing the police
About fucking time. When history judges Obama a lot of it will likely hinge on whether he's seen as “better late than never” or &ldquo
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For Sean
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Global Warming Nonsense-IPCC falling apart
So the United Nations IPCC seems to be falling apart. With former members ripping them to shreds about bias and failed
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What I Did After Police Killed My Son
“After police in Kenosha, Wis., shot my 21-year-old son to death outside his house ten years ago — and then immediately cleared themselves of all wrongdoing — an African-American man approached me and said: “If they can shoot a white boy lik
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outlander commented 6 minutes ago on
How can we ever show respect?
What the fuck do you guys read anyway? Legit protests? What about all the testimony that said this kid was sho in back with his hands read the rest
reckoner commented about 1 hour ago on
How can we ever show respect?
It's relevant as the source of people's frustration and anger. It's the cause if legitimate protests, and do far the worst liars seem to be the read the rest
outlander commented about 3 hours ago on
James Foley video
Sean- Israel kills for defense and they kill people who would torture and murder you for no other reason than being an atheist and presently they are growing stronger. It is monumentally ridiculous and naive to assume these people do not pose a threat read the rest
alienated commented about 4 hours ago on
Obama speaks of demilitarizing the police
Please listen to someone that REALLY reports the news so you do not sound like such a dope all the time. Brown was no KID. He was a huge young man. He beat the cop almost unconsious and then dared the cop to shoot him. This is undoubtedly a tragedy that read the rest
outlander commented about 5 hours ago on
How can we ever show respect?
Reck-let's say I concede to unequal treatment of blacks, how is it relevant? A kid gets killed and WHAM! The race hustlers, thieves, and lying corrupt scumbags in the media jump right on it before anyone knows anything as to what happened. Hey we got read the rest
truthserum41 commented about 9 hours ago on
James Foley video
Outlander when they beheaded pearl in Pakistan, Obama was not the president George Bush was and nothing was done. When they hung those two Americans from the bridge in Bagdad George Bush was President. Did you call him a coward, and if not, why read the rest