"Hungry Bird" the free iOS and Android Apps
Summary: “Hungry Bird” is the best funny role playing arcade type game which is released for games lover at very beginning of April-2014. It is totally free and hot arcade games for astonishing game player. It is funny, amusing and interestin
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Somedays it sucks being the little guy
Even if you get paid 118k In general I'm not a huge fan of eminent domain. I understand why it exists, there is always that one
An anti-Measles Drug
Early studies are looking promising for a drug to battle measles. Scientists have discovered a drug that may help in the fight against measles a vir
This post will undoubtedly come as a complete surprise to everyone who has ever read my posts. Not many years ago I found myself at a crossroads with my beliefs and my faith, having spent my entire life thinking I was a Christian (but not living
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Iran is cutting it's nuke program
In the face of yet another Obama failure the UN is preparing to announce that Iran has lived up to its end of the bargain in cutti
Chinese Pollution, American Problem
China's pollution may be contributing to America's winters. The long and short of this is that pollution doesn't respect random
Republicans claimed that unemployment benefits increased unemployment. Did the unemployed find jobs faster after their benefits were cut?
Now that we've cut benefits we can test this assertion. Did people find jobs faster when their benefits were cut off? The answer is no, they did not. This should be more evidence, not that more was needed, that our economic problems are a demand side is
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What do they want?.
Conservatives fought against same sex marriage until the court system decided to deny them that right was a violation of their civil rights. Since they failed at that endeavor they decided to take a new approach and now they are through legislation att
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A victory for the Environmentalists
It's not very often that we get to see something positive happen for the environment. It seems most of the time we make our case, we argue but nothing ever gets done. People buying reusable bags to use at the grocery store is completely unthinkable, p
Another Founding Father
Source. “The property of this country is absolutely concen
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Another Founding Father
You know, that sounds good (taxing the "rich" more and more) until you are busting your ass 40 plus hours a week and barely keeping up, but Big Brother thinks you are "rich" and somewhere between a third and a half of what you are making goes to taxes of read the rest
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What do they want?.
I totally agree. Any kind of marriage should be legal ... one man, nine women. One woman and her father, brother, or son. Two men and a baby. A dude, a dude, and a chicken. Stop laughing. Why not? And while we are at it, men should be free to date and read the rest
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Republicans claimed that unemployment benefits increased unemployment. Did the unemployed find jobs faster after their benefits were cut?
Ha ha ha. Right. Obama and Reagan do the same things. Right. I could not feel that bad about taking extended unemployment cash since I have taken so little and paid in (along with my employers) for many, many, many years. Unlike those who sneak across read the rest
hamzatechnology commented about 5 hours ago on
"Hungry Bird" the free iOS and Android Apps
really funny and addicting read the rest
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I disagree, what worked for us in the past would still work today in terms of competing for revenue internationally. Preparing prematurely for the ultimate economic conclusion will only leave the door open for those who still choose to grab the read the rest
sean_renaud commented about 7 hours ago on
There honestly is no end game. Society must evolve the same as any other organism. A culture shift would be nice but as the American Revolution has shown us people have fought and died for much less. As for destroying the country I find that unlikely. read the rest