A Rising Tide Lifts Some Boats
“In 1980, the American rich and middle class and most of the poor had higher incomes than their counterparts almost anywhere in the world. But incomes for the middle class and poor in the United States have since been growing more slowly than else
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Sherpa Walk Out
Dozens of Sherpas walk out in the wake of Everest's deadliest accident. These expert mountain climbers
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Scary stories. Kinda.
Obama wants a civil war
I don't know how else to explain this. The Feds have been buying ammo like mad for the past year or so. They are arming every agency, and now they are sending in the BLM to test the waters in Nevada and Texas. Democrats have been goading the Tea
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States ban on affirmative action
The Supreme Court just gave Michigan the authority to ban admission to their public universities on the basis of affirmative action. The dean of admission at North Carolina was terminated for commenting on the reading ability of the students on athletic
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Laws against feeding the Homeless?
Really? What the fuck. I can get behind and easily support the idea of having laws that are designed to prevent the homeless from eating tainted food. Th
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Supreme Court Judge wants to change the Constutition
Well he has six proposed changes. They deal with a myriad of issues, mostly stuff the retired judge is bitter about having lost o
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A tax on solar and wind power?
It sounds bad at first. But since we do have net
They've figured out how to make powdered alcohol. And it's gotten approval from the Alcohol Tax and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.
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Obama planning clemency
For hundreds, perhaps thousands of Americans. Like so much with Obama better late than never I guess. So far Obama has been incredibly stingy with
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Sherpa Walk Out
They are also fantastically poor as a community and (like Americans are being trained) probably consider themselves lucky to have a job in the first read the rest
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Sherpa Walk Out
I'm at a loss as to why the Sherpas haven't done this long ago. There have been deadly accidents before. The risks of the mountain including avalanches have always existed and taken their toll. They have never taken care of families properly. The read the rest
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A Rising Tide Lifts Some Boats
I think the first option is infinitely more likely and the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street were the initial shots across the bow. Just like I don't buy for one second that the Arab world (and there have been riots in China over working Conditions, read the rest
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A Rising Tide Lifts Some Boats
there are 2 ways this can go. 1) it keeps getting worse until it starts something like another red scare. Remember, the great depression lead to a lot of good things because regular people started getting serious about doing something. 2) it stops read the rest
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A Rising Tide Lifts Some Boats
Meh. It's not like we're going to do anything about read the rest
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What's a bunny got to do with it?
But it's sure as hell delicious. I don't think I've ever had bad read the rest