preparing for the long haul
The idea put forth by congress is that Americans who assist in training Iraqis for combat duty to defend their country would take 12 months to train 5 thousand. During the 1st gulf war and Vietnam we trained a half million in 2 years and had them read
State Of The Union
D6fer just posted a link to a laundry list of Leftist corruption and hiprocracy. Yeah, yeah. Liberal / Leftist / Socialist / Democrats are, for the most part, crooks, pervert sympathizers, baby killers, Islam and illegal immi
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Lefts political network exposed
I was wondering when someone would put something like this together What a clusterfuck of corru
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I'm sorry you guys, I can't do it anymore.
I tried putting off this post to avoid possible judgement. However, I need to be honest and quit denying my feelings. As a lot of you know, I've blogged about many of my relationships on this site. Through the good, bad, and the ugly I've
My White House Visit and Obama
So I was visiting the White House and while in the tourist snack bar eating lunch I felt something hit me right in the back of the head and when I looked down on the floor to see what it was I noticed it was a peanut M&M. Of course I turned around
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If you could talk to anyone in History
If somehow you could talk to anyone in history who would it be? I have had long discussions with friends on this and it is interesting there is almost a top list that most people choose. I call these the “of course” list. Abe Lincoln, Jes
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clearly this thugish criminal did something wrong
You know, other than being black Read story
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I can't believe it's not a relationship post!
I'm not going to lie to you. Not talking about relationships in this post is going to be difficult, as I am super content right now in that department…….. However, that is all I've been posting about lately, so I will kindly shut u
Bad News = Small Closure
Boy it has sure been a weird few days but there has been some unexpected, somewhat unnerving, closure - so that is nice I suppose. She dropped out of the race. It was one of my worst fears after I made her so “uncomfortable” and it happened.
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Here's a random video
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State Of The Union
Great post and no I don't think we are Rome I just think we are doomed to repeat the Carter years, add four years though. I keep harping on what I beleive is the fly in the ointment in this country and that is the media. Look at how the media read the rest
outlander commented about 7 hours ago on
Lefts political network exposed
I don't know why but I just don't get worked up over this. For every leftwing org out there, there is probably the republican equivalent. Money in politics is not the enemy, the enemy is media bias. We shouldn't take our eyes of the fact the left in read the rest
reckoner commented 1 day ago on
Witness: He was running away and had his hands up
Your question is not analogous to the one I'm read the rest
alienated commented 1 day ago on
Witness: He was running away and had his hands up
reckoner, do you or do you not still beat your read the rest
outlander commented 1 day ago on
Caught in a trap
ISIS has seized large sections of property, money, and has grown from nobody to well over 30,000 strong. Do you honestly think at some point they won't be able to hurt us and don't you think it is better to stop them now before they have a country with read the rest
truthserum41 commented 1 day ago on
Caught in a trap
Leave them alone and they will go on being the ass holes that they are killing off all the dictators in the middle east and then maybe they will realize that's why we fight so hard to maintain our freedom. IN chasing down hoodlums like ISIS Isn't the read the rest