Dog Kicker Resigns And Where's Cee lo?
I could probably bet there was similar outrage over this video of some nitwit abusing a dog than there was of the various beheadings being re
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Free Speech in peril
Jim Risen a reporter for the New York times has been sued for printing classified material in his book. They have no evidence that he obtained the material illegally or that anybody has been harmed by the material printed over three years ago. The gov
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Police Arrest Young Black Politician For Distributing Voting Rights Leaflets
“They said they would charge me for distributing literature,” Turner told ThinkProgress when he was released a few hours later. “I asked [the policeman] for the ordinance number [being violated], because they can’t put handcuffs on you if they c
last by reckoner 33 minutes ago
Did you know this?.
After the conclusion of WWII When America and Great Britain concocted a plan for the homeland of Jews, they uprooted 513 towns and villages in Palestine and caused three fourth of a million people to become refugees in the plains of Jordan. This was nec
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Are Israeli Settlements Legal?
Are the settlements in the West Bank by Israel illegal? Lets just say first of all with the world media and traitors to civilization around the world who broadcast propaganda, Israeli settlements are not a good idea. Even though trying to make peace w
last by reckoner 31 minutes ago
Israel Land Grab
Can't imagine how this ends with a more beloved Israel. Now here's the thing, I get why Is
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last by sean_renaud about 6 hours ago
Why do we even have Labor Day?
Americans despise labor, I'd love to blame this 100% on the Republicans because they are the worst of it but it's impossible to say with a straight face that Obama has pushed for a better environment workers. Our minimum wage remains stagnant, we remai
last by sean_renaud 1 day ago
Extra History: WWI Build up
Remember D6fer doesn't believe in the Ottoman Empire. It shatters his world belief.
last by sean_renaud about 20 hours ago
Cardboard Candidates
It is hard to understand that anyone would even be toying with the idea of Mitt Romney running for president again. I mean, as I recall he finally admitted that he really did not want to be president. I personally think the Obama ghestapo
last by sean_renaud about 20 hours ago
Secret Admirer
In my whole existance, I've never had a secret admirer until today. Have you ever had an experience with that? Who was it? Did you find out? How did it turn out? The whole message was super sweet and they left it anonymously on my art web
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reckoner commented 31 minutes ago on
Are Israeli Settlements Legal?
Let me repeate, the International Court of Justice also says these settlements are illegal And of course they are stealing the land. The land belonged to someone before they took read the rest
reckoner commented 33 minutes ago on
Police Arrest Young Black Politician For Distributing Voting Rights Leaflets
i believe in the freedoms outlined in the constitution. You know, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, protections against illegal search and seizure. I believe, as our founders did, that power corrupts and that we must keep big brother in check. read the rest
sean_renaud commented 38 minutes ago on
Free Speech in peril
I doubt he obtained it from some drunk who misspoke. That's a good reason not to throw him him in jail, because you can't prove out he got it, it's not a good reason to pretend he didn't break the law. Just accept that our system is designed where read the rest
truthserum41 commented about 2 hours ago on
Free Speech in peril
What part or line in either paragraph is not true, so now you have become an English teacher and appear as if there is a halo around your empty head designating you as a paragon of judgement. Since he doesn't work in the government or have any staff read the rest
sean_renaud commented about 2 hours ago on
Dog Kicker Resigns And Where's Cee lo?
Okay, Cee Lo appears to be scum. I'm hardly even aware of him. Oh. No, if someone who entertained GW Bush did something like this nobody would give a shit. There's a reason why you know he entertained Obama and you shoudl probably get therapy if you read the rest
sean_renaud commented about 2 hours ago on
Free Speech in peril
So what is the "true" read the rest